How to Start an Online Business and Make Money From the Internet

So you are looking at creating an online business but don’t know where to start.

What do I need?
What do I do?
Where do I find it?

There are already many opportunities online, with many additional new ones coming at you every day. The market is already massive, and yet I heard recently that there are still 1.5 million new people coming online every day! That’s about 45 million potential new customers for you every month! What other market can offer these kind of figures?

So first of all you need to try and get a slice of this market, and build up your customer database. For internet marketing, the only information you really need to get from your customers are a contact name and an email address. With these details, you can then set about marketing your products to them.

Sounds easy? Well, yes, it is fairly simple, but like any new business, there is a learning curve to ramp up, and perseverance will be one of the major factors which will determine your success.

For your initial set up, you will need a product to sell, a web site landing page, and an autoresponder.

Your product can be absolutely anything you can imagine, so that is up to you to decide what it is that you want to sell. You will see many sites selling information or training products, as they are relatively cheap and easy to produce, and can be stored online, thereby avoiding any storage or stock costs as in a traditional business. Other popular physical products are things like health supplements and slimming products, but these will require the purchase and storage of stock.

Once you have decided on your product, you can then start to market it.

So how do you go about collecting a list of interested people?

For this, you will need a landing page (sometimes called a squeeze page), which is designed to capture your potential new customers. I tend to go for a simple, clean approach with my landing pages, with just enough information on them to encourage the viewer to want more. You can either produce this yourself using one of the many free or paid packages available, or have it produced for you. Again, I prefer to have control over my business, so tend to try and do the majority of these things myself, and it is also much more flexible if you then need to do any changes to your site.

On your landing page will be your autoresponder box for the visitor to enter their name and email address, which will then either lead to a further site giving them more information, or will enable them to download additional information on your product.

Now that you have captured their details, your autoresponder can start to kick in and work for you.

There are free autoresponders available, but I would recommend using Aweber, which is a paid service, as this is renowned as the industry leader, and offers stability and flexibility for your all important customer database. After all, you don’t want to lose your list, once you have built it up, do you?

The purpose of your autoresponder is to feed messages out to your new contact every few days, to try to establish a bond or relationship with them, as it has been proven that people buy from people that they like and trust.

Once you have set up the messages in your autoresponder, it works for you automatically, so that as soon as a lead comes in, the process starts and they receive a series of emails from you over a set period of time.

So there it is. Your online business is up and running, all you need to do now is to direct traffic to your web site, and you will soon have a successful online business!

Creating and Marketing Your Very Own eBook the Right Way!

Many people making the leap or the transition to online marketing usually get stuck with the products phase. That is to say, they are at a total loss as to exactly what to market. There are many websites, tutorials and guides which claim to have the answer to instant online riches and they probably have very good information. The question is whether to see physical products or digital products. While physical products have worked well, as we have seem in the case with eBay and Amazon, digital products have also created their fair share of internet millionaires. These include software,scripts, videos and off course, e-books.

The e-book revolution is here to stay

There is a huge demand for software, scripts and videos but none has created as many success stories online as e-books. True, selling software made people like Bill Gates what he is today. but how may Bill Gates are there? Ebooks have transformed and are still transforming ordinary working class men and women into financially-independent people with their own 6-figure yearly income testimonials. This is because its practically child’s play to begin your own e-book business. The capital needed is laughable and the ease in which you can quickly build the product is amazing. It is no wonder that most online marketing beginners have delved head and shoulders into selling e-books and that is also why e-books are here to stay.

Starting your own e-book business is child’s play

Unlike other online ventures where one has to launch a complex-looking website, come up with capital, stock up on inventory and also deal with legal complexities, starting your very own digital books business is extremely easy.

Many people starting online businesses grapple with the issue of where to get their products and how to get them cheap. With e-books this is cannot get any easier. It even amazes me why more people are not financially free with the ease in which e-books can be gotten and resold at astronomical profits to a very hungry market. Information is the life blood of the Internet and almost everyone logging into it is looking for information products of one form or another. People are using the Internet at alarming rates all over the world to look for information that will solve their immediate life’s challenges. Whether it is where to get free debt consolidation loans, to the best home alarm systems, to the best online colleges and loans, to the best ways to remedy an earache, hundreds of millions of people are scouring the Internet each and every day.

By starting an e-book business that is at the forefront of solving these and other issues, you will on your way to making unthinkable profits. Start today!

Online Business and Product Branding

If you have been following these articles you will remember that people make purchases from your online business because of feelings. They may purchase on feelings of passion about a subject, feelings of fear of missing out on a good bargain.

Any online business owner who is trying to make money at home has to understand their customer as well as their product. Most moms making money at home already know the value of branding from their weekly shopping expeditions.

People may also purchase on feelings of value and this is why so many top level marketers give away fifty E-books with every sale. It increases the value that the customer is getting.

The quality of the product is also important and must be stressed to the prospective purchaser so that they again feel that they are getting value for their money.

We also know that people buying online or anywhere for that matter are purchasing an outcome just as much as a product. Remember the saying: “Gym has arrived. Please send muscles!”

Our instant gratification wants outcomes as soon as the product arrives. This gives rise to many claims on the internet such as “Join now and get paid in 24 hours.”

People don’t want to hang around; they want to see their money working for them. The claim “Join now and develop a residual income in 3 to 6 months;” is also acceptable as it gives the purchaser a time frame between action and results.

Other purchases may come from people recognizing you.
This is called branding and it is estimated that the average person will see an advertisement seven or more times before they decide to do anything.

With online internet marketing it is almost like you need to be around for a certain time and have your emails and advertisements in front of people before people start to recognize you. This may be your picture on Twitter, articles in newsletters and Ezines or even email messages.

This really amounts to selling yourself.

We all know products that we trust but we may have never really looked at why we trust them. Maybe our parents used these products and they have a sentimental value to us. Maybe we have just made a decision through the advertisement that we can trust this product. Sure as eggs though we feel that we know this product and we know the brand.

The question is: “Do we then chose which check out point we exit the supermarket from?” The answer is often “no.”

This same principle is used on online business promotion where marketers use the branding of other successful well known marketers to give testimonials or they refer to these market gurus as being supporters of the product.

So branding works on many different levels.

First you can brand your own name or avatar or you can use the brand of successful marketers.

One of the businesses that is currently on the rise and is sure to be successful is the Donald Trump Enterprise this is branding at its highest level.

People will join this online marketing opportunity simply because the Trump name is on it. If you have the passion to sell then these are not bad ventures to get into.